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Status: Online
Server PVP Type
Players Online: 12 Players Online
Online Record: 647 players (on May 01 2019, 15:31:00 -03)
Creation Date: 10/01/2014
Location: Montreal - Canada
PvP Type: Open PvP
Premium Type: Free Premium Account
Transfer Type: Blocked
World Quest Titles: This game world currently has no title.

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Name  [sort] Level   [sort] Vocation  [sort]
 Aerometria 118Royal Paladin
 Chupeta De Baleia 152Royal Paladin
 Frozen Over 178Elite Knight
 Knight Bolado 104Elite Knight
 Lany Sz 81Royal Paladin
 Nizueht 163Master Sorcerer
 Peixoto 128Royal Paladin
 Protection Healing 137Elder Druid
 Sex Love 121Royal Paladin
 Tcha Tcha 155Elder Druid
 The Gray Fox 175Royal Paladin
 Voug 152Elite Knight

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Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Top Experience
1- Ligeirinho
1196, Elder Druid
2- Kim Kataguiri
2194, Paladin
3- Chan
3191, Royal Paladin
4- Olaf
191, Knight
5- Paun Babi
182, Elite Knight

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