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Guild Information
Back to make dominando again!!!

The guild was founded on Global WAR on Apr 24 2019.
It is currently active.

Guild Members
Rank [sort] Name and Title Vocation [sort] Level [sort] Status
Leader Reggenezwcs Dlonra (Bruhs) Elder Druid 167 offline
Member Akoiracz Elder Druid 134 offline
Almighty Duuh Elder Druid 149 offline
Almighty Gabu Elder Druid 143 offline
Almighty Goiaba (sonic bostings) Elder Druid 153 offline
Arnvyl Macwel Elite Knight 137 offline
Berton Navon (cod is back) Elder Druid 149 offline
Billy Elder Druid 138 offline
Binhu Jogador Caro Elder Druid 140 offline
Blackwaay Elder Druid 155 offline
Brunozk (brunoo1) Elder Druid 139 offline
Carllos Miiranda Master Sorcerer 176 offline
Ceradao Elder Druid 132 offline
Dunkyz Rajadaum Elder Druid 134 offline
Fubuki Elder Druid 152 offline
Henck Elder Druid 125 offline
Inbox Elder Druid 145 offline
Instincto Sapeko (Is Back Bro) Elder Druid 142 offline
Kamikaze Teacher Elder Druid 142 offline
Kim Possible Elder Druid 157 offline
Kolowore Master Sorcerer 166 offline
Lucaszeera Elder Druid 147 offline
Luhkas Elder Druid 134 offline
Merlin Invencible Elder Druid 143 offline
Mytehck Elder Druid 137 offline
Naomi Capeli Elder Druid 170 offline
Old Prox Elder Druid 123 offline
Orzech (FwF Neegao) Elder Druid 141 offline
Passarin Di Kina (N.P.T. | Passarin) Elder Druid 164 offline
Raizak Elder Druid 132 offline
Raxta (old Piroca Raxta) Elder Druid 128 offline
Reggenezwcs Dlanra Royal Paladin 131 offline
Reggenezwcs Dlenra Elite Knight 168 offline
Reggenezwcs Dlwnra Elder Druid 174 offline
Samuel Gladiador Elite Knight 141 offline
Siadaj Elder Druid 168 offline
Siadajz (Midorih) Elder Druid 160 offline
Tallin Derruba Boi Elder Druid 165 offline
The Silence Elder Druid 161 offline
Thszyin Elite Knight 162 offline
Tireckz Elder Druid 145 offline
Vitaum Elder Druid 149 offline
Weslleyk (:\') Elder Druid 149 offline
Xandaoz Elder Druid 133 offline
Zjadacz Elder Druid 161 offline

Invited Characters
Name Invitation Date
Binho Ops May 07 2019
Guardian May 06 2019
Guizaum May 06 2019
Jeef May 06 2019
Katt Vond May 07 2019
Reggenezwcs Dlunre May 07 2019

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Top Experience
1- Nizueht
1225, Master Sorcerer
2- Gideon Vitor
2206, Elite Knight
3- Chan
3205, Royal Paladin
4- Guzz
204, Elder Druid
5- Frozen Over
203, Elite Knight

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